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Training in Existential Analysis (Logotherapy) 
in USA & Canada -

learn an existential approach in psychotherapy


The International Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (GLE-International) and the International Society for Existential Analytical Psychotherapy (ISEAP) (both Vienna, Austria) are providing a full training in existential analytical psychotherapy and/or counselling in Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle & Vancouver, BC.


The course is considered a complete training program in existential counselling and psychotherapy. It is intended for post graduate students and practitioners, but also for students at the end of their university career.

Structure and Duration of the Seminar

The courses are divided into two parts:

a) the Basic Training Program (44 days in 2 1/2 years) and 

b) the Clinical Training Program (36 days in 2 years). 

a) This Basic Training Program consists of 7 seminar blocks of 6 consecutive days each (42 + 2 admission days). Instruction topics include the theory of personhood, the theory of existence, existential motivations in theory and practice, some general methods and group-self-experience. For getting an intermediate diploma a seminar of 7 days winds up the training. This seminar consists in diagnostics, further methods, practical training, insight into main diagnosis like anxieties, depression, histrionic disorders, personality disorders, psychosis and treatment of non clinical disturbances. It also includes group supervision of at least 100 hours leading to an intermediate diploma: the Basic Existential Counselling Diploma.

b) Training for the Full Existential Psychotherapy Diploma continues for almost 2 more years (6 blocks of 6 days each) with further seminars on clinical theory (psychopathology, aetiology), practice, methods, practical training, group and individual self-experience and supervision.

All our courses are part-time, with a maximum of 20 training days per year, and are designed to be managed alongside current occupations. 


Additional Elements of the Training

In addition to the seminars both diplomas require: 

a) One individual admissions interview: CND $100 and 2 admission days at the beginning of the group.

b) Self experience in individual sessions (min. 30 hours for the Basic Existential Counselling Diploma, a total of min. 50 hours for Full Existential Psychotherapy Diploma.

c) SupervisionBasic Counselling Diploma: at least 100 hours (in groups); Full Existential Psychotherapy Diploma: at least 150 hours (in groups mostly). 

d) Practical work: for the counselling diploma at least 200 hours own practical work; for Full Existential Psychotherapy Diploma a practicum of 500 hours (e.g. as a guest in a psychiatric clinic or ambulance – most of you may have done this) and at least 600 hours of own practice (in public or private locations).

e) A written theoretical or practical paper project of at least 20 (Basic Counselling Diploma) or 30 pages (Full Existential Psychotherapy Diploma).

Minimum Admission Requirements

Persons possessing (or in a currant study of) a master’s or doctoral degree in clinical or counselling psychology, social work, medicine, or a related field are encouraged to apply for admission to the full training program. For the basic counselling diploma teachers, theologians and persons with other professional backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Others may apply by a written explanation of their interest. The application will than be evaluated in a personal interview. 

personal interview is required for all applicants. 


Responsible for the whole training: Alfried Längle, M.D., Ph.D

In collaboration with the European training staff and Derrick Klaassen, MA, doctoral student (UBC, Vancouver). 

For individual sessions (self experience) we will also collaborate with local experienced psychotherapists. 

Costs (CAN Dollars) 

The seminar day: CAN $135 (students $ 90). 

One year: is planned with 18 days: 

For the Basic Counselling Diploma: 45 days seminars in 2 ½ years, plus min. 30 hours individual self-experience, plus 100 hours supervision 

For the Full Existential Psychotherapy Diploma: 74 days seminars, plus min. 50 hours individual self-experience, plus min. 150 hours supervision 

The prices are within the average range of comparable training programs. Student reductions at the seminars may be available to full-time students. 

NO payments are required in advance - you only pay for what you get! NO obligations. 


Next training cohorts are scheduled in January/February 2016 in Vancouver and fall 2016 (Langley area). A training is also planned in California (Los Angeles) in fall 2016 with some introductory seminars before (see also


To apply for the admission: 

Send an e-mail to:  Kari-Ann Thor or

For any question please contact either Kari-Ann Thor or

Thank you for your interest!

Alfried Längle, M.D., Ph.D
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