Längle A
Personal Meaning and the Existential Fundamental Motivations.
Keynote adress at the Second Biannual International Conference on Personal Meaning,
Vancouver, Canada, July 18-21, 2002. 1 hour audio-cassette.

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Längle A
Existential Analysis and the Existential Fundamental Motivations.
Seminar, 3 hours, at the above conference. 2 Audio-cassettes.

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Längle A
several publications in english

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English book
Special issue about Existential Analysis of Journal "European Psychotherapy"
Vol 4, Nr. 1, 2003

Articles of C. Furnica, G.v. Kirchbach, M. Kundi, A. Längle, S. Längle, A. Nindl, C. Orgler, J. Sauer, L. Tutsch, C. Wurm, E. Wurst

about Existential Analysis (EA) in genal (Introduction), Existental Fundamental Motivation, Method of "Personal EA", Methodology, Narcisissm, Mental Health, Para-Existential Personality, Disorder, Burnout, Existential Scale.





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